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Vatican International Exhibition

Sponsor a display!

Living Bread, Inc is now accepting donations for the Vatican International Exhibition "The Eucharistic Miracles" Display. 
Donors may choose which miracle display they would like to sponsor.

The entire collection can be seen at mir.htm.
Please select at least three displays as your first choice may already be chosen by another donor.
The cost to print and display each piece (board) is approximately $80.
 Some of the displays consist of two boards.

Donations may be made through Rosary Bowl NW, Inc PO Box 20023 Keizer, OR 97307. Or buy using the Paypal link for credit card donations.

 For more information or a brochure, call 503-586-3505 or email Brian Beyer at  The Eucharistic Miracles Display will make its first appearance in Oregon at this year's Rosary Bowl NW on October 2nd, 2010. 

Sharing the Real Presence of Christ is an exciting evangelizing opportunity. Please help us in this ministry wit your prayers and support.


For a $50 donation we will add your name or names you wish to honor to our web site and other  appropriate media used as a display sponsor.

The list of sponsors will accompany the displays when they are at host venues.



I would like this sponsorship to be listed as anonymous.

Visa or Master Card
Please use the Paypal donation button at the top right hand side of this page to make your donation using a Visa or Master Card.
The donation will be tax deductible and processed through Rosary Bowl NW. Rosary Bowl NW will earmark these donations for the Eucharistic Miracles Display.

If you wish to submit a check, please fill out the form above and  hit the submit  button.
Then you can make your check out to Living Bread and mail it to:

Living Bread, Inc

5552 Kafir Dr NE

Keizer, OR 97303-3620

We will make sure we contact you after we receive every submission!