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Vatican International Exhibition

Display Sponsors -- Miracle  

Teresa Chapman -- Regensburg Miracle           Regensburg PDF

Anonymous --  Lanciano Miracle                     Lanciano Part 1 PDF

DeLetta Fuller -- Glotowo Miracle                    Glotowo PDF

Mayanna Manion -- ALBORAYA-ALMÁCERA Miracle      Alboraya Part 1 PDF

Anonymous JLW --  Lourdes Miracle                 Lourdes PDF

Paul and Marie Osterman --  Angle of Peace, Fatima Miracle  Angel of Peace PDF

Anonymous GKR --  Miracle

Darlene Ferschweiler --  St. Faustina Kowalska

 Joan Carroll Cruz -- Valencia

Mildred Ann Santos -- St. Clare of Assisi

Dorothy Bridget Chambers -- Guadalupe

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